About Us

Nantong Changhai Food Additive Co. Ltd, known around the world as ‘Niutang’ is part of the massive Guangdong Guangye Assets Management Company. With assets over $4.3 billion and 20,0000 employees over 200 companies, Niutang is ideally placed to grow from its already impressive place as the leading intense sweetener company in China.

Working closely with its sister company L&P Food Ingredient Co. Ltd., a pioneer in Sucralose manufacturing, our goal is to reaffirm our position as the go-to company for the intense sweeteners, Sucralose and Aspartame; and the strategically important vitamin, Folic Acid.

With more than 1400 dedicated employees on three continents, Niutang, in conjunction with L&P Food Ingredient Co. Ltd., is strategically positioned to deliver the high-quality products our customers rely on at competitive prices. The solid reputation we have built comes from our focus on maintaining the highest levels of integrity, providing outstanding customer service and meeting the most stringent manufacturing, compliance and quality benchmarks.

Our History